2. Registration of a company in Estonia

2.Registration of a company in Estonia

We offer registration of all types of companies in Estonia. You can open a company in Estonia in two ways: by establishing a new company, or by purchasing a ready-made, existing company.

2.1For residents of Estonia

The first method is more suitable for residents of Estonia who have a local digital ID card. With it, the founder can remotely sign all the documents necessary for registering a company in Estonia via the Internet. For those who do not have Estonian IDs, it is required to draw up documents notarized by Estonian or any other notary.

Also the first method includes visiting Estonia to register a company. By choosing this method, the founder of the company provides us with the initial information about his company for registration. After that, on the first visit to Estonia, documents are signed for the opening of the company at the notary. Company registration can take up to five days.

2.2. For non-residents

The second method involves the purchase of a 100% stake in an existing company with a paid-in share capital of 2500 Euro. This method is more suitable for non-residents and allows you to open a company in Estonia, more quickly and without personal presence. When buying an already existing company, the client receives from us in complete possession a ready-made company with a “clean” history, becoming its shareholder and member of the board.
During the re-registration of the company it is possible to change its name, address, all contact information, as well as make other necessary changes.
The process of opening a company can be done personally or remotely.

Also the second option includes the registration of a company remotely, without a personal presence in Estonia. By choosing this method, the founder of the company issues us a power of attorney to register the company in his name. Based on the provided information, we prepare the documents for the business register and complete the registration process.

2.3Acquisition of existing business

We provide support services for the purchase of an existing business in Estonia, by:

  • Legal support;
  • Full Due Diligеnce;
  • Financial audit of the company;
  • Audit by business development;
  • Closing of accounting and management accounting issues, by attracting a financial crisis manager;
  • Implementation of automated accounting systems;
  • Preparation of a report on the necessary changes in particular finance, taxes and the legal component, as well as a business model.

*we offer services for the development of informational web pages, promotional pages, logos and branding.

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