4. Legal services in Estonia

4.Legal services in Estonia

4.1Civil matters

Our lawyers accompany civil and corporate law matters, including support for all types of transactions, registration and restructuring of companies, disputes with clients and partners, as well as labor disputes.

4.2Administrative matters

For corporate clients, we provide support in the conduct of administrative matters such as the protection of persons at all stages of administrative processes, representation of interests in legal relations or disputes with state and municipal authorities, preparation and execution of legal documents, preparation of petitions and complaints, and so on.

4.3Representation in court

For regular customers, we offer representation in court in resolving any types of disputes at any stage of the trial.

4.4Registration of trademarks and patents

Registering a trademark gives the mark legal protection, which restricts other business associations and individuals to use a trademark that is identical or similar to your trademark to designate similar or similar products.
By registering, you secure the exclusive right to use the registered trademark.
We provide assistance in registration of trademarks and patents in Estonia, as well as abroad (through partners)

4.5Assistance in issuing licenses and permits

If you are operating in the area with special requirements, then your activity at any time must meet the accepted conditions for applying for a license or submitting a notice of economic activity. If your company does not meet the requirements, the institution coordinating the issuance of permits may refuse to issue a license, suspend its validity or invalidate.
We accompany and assist our clients in obtaining the licenses necessary for doing business in Estonia in certain industries. For example, such areas include: freight transportation, lending, trade in alcohol and other excisable goods, as well as other state-regulated activities.


In addition to full service and legal services in Estonia, we also offer our clients advice from experienced lawyers from different industries, always helping to find the optimal solution to any problems.

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