3.1Opening bank accounts

We want to share our significant international experience and can offer assistance in opening bank accounts in Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine and the UK.
Employees Scata advisors:

  • select jurisdiction taking into account the specifics of the business;
  • conduct a comparative analysis of the conditions for opening an account in different banks (tariffs, efficiency, reputation, level of confidentiality, etc.);
  • prepare a complete package of documents.

A current bank account in a foreign bank is not only a convenient and efficient tool in the operation of an enterprise if it carries out international commercial activities, but also a tool to increase the security of its financial resources.
But current global trends in combating the erosion of the taxable base, the withdrawal of income / profits from taxation, as well as the financing of terrorism and laundering of criminal proceeds significantly complicates the opening of a current account.
Banks are increasingly demanding from the company:

  • the specific purpose of opening an account (for which transactions it needed);
  • availability of a real connection with the country in which the account is opened (confirmation Substance): real counterparties in the country, the presence of a real / physical office, employees in the country of registration;
    information about the sender / country of origin of funds to be credited to the account;
  • amounts and purposes of incoming payments;
  • amounts and assignments of outgoing payments, their beneficiaries;
  • onfirmed sources of funds origin;
  • and many other questions (depending on the purpose of the account and the specific bank).

But with us to answer these questions, prepare the appropriate package of documents for you will be much easier.

3.2Opening bank merchant accounts

A “merchant account” is a special account used to receive payments from credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.), as well as from customer bank accounts directly on the company’s website or at the actual point of sale (via POS-terminal or imprinter). Merchant account can be issued only to a legal entity and is tied to its current account, which receives funds credited through a special processing center. This service has many obvious advantages and is used everywhere today: online stores, on the virtual platforms of brokerage and investment companies, in the activities of pawnshops and interactive casinos, in online games and on dating sites.
However, registration of a Merchant account is associated with an enormous amount of time, preparation of a huge amount of documents and a significant risk of failure.
Employees of Scata advisors will explain the mechanism of working with card accounts and help open a merchant account for any company.

3.3Support in negotiations with the Bank after opening an account

We offer assistance with Bank inquiries about controversial transactions, all sorts of questions from employees of financial monitoring, Compliance.

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