1. Accounting



Accounting outsourcing is a sure way to reduce accounting costs, while not making any loosening of its accounting requirements.

We offer full accounting services for companies in Estonia. Accounting services, depending on the wishes of the client, are carried out both in full by our specialists, and with the participation of the client through remote access.

1.2Remote Accounting

Remote accounting is two simple steps: transferring primary documentation to us and sending you a report on the work done.
Thanks to our experience in accounting services for companies in Estonia, as well as the use of cloud services, our company is one of the market leaders providing accounting services in Tallinn for both local and foreign clients.
Using remote cloud servers for bookkeeping provides access to all accounting documents via the Internet 24/7.
Thanks to a cohesive team of professionals in our field, we provide a full range of accounting services in Estonia, starting from payroll and ending submission of documents to the appropriate authorities.
We also prepare the necessary documents and full support in the event of a tax audit.

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