Key business services

in the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Great Britain, Turkey and Ukraine

1. Accounting

1. accounting


We offer full accounting services for companies in Estonia.

1.2Remote Accounting

Using remote cloud servers for bookkeeping provides access to all accounting documents via the Internet 24/7.

2. Registration of a company in Estonia

2. Registration of a company in Estonia

2.1For residents of Estonia

We offer full accounting services for companies in Estonia.

2.2For non-residents of Estonia

Involves the purchase of a 100% stake in an existing company with a paid-in share capital of 2500 Euro

2.3Acquisition of existing business

We provide support services for the purchase of an existing business in Estonia.



3.1Opening bank accounts

We want to share our significant international experience and can offer assistance in opening bank accounts in Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Ukraine and the UK.

3.2Opening bank merchant accounts

A “merchant account” is a special account used to receive payments from credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.).

3.3Support in negotiations with the Bank after opening an account

We offer assistance with Bank inquiries about controversial transactions, all sorts of questions from employees of financial monitoring, Compliance.

4. Legal services in Estonia

4. Legal services in Estonia

4.1Civil matters

Our lawyers accompany civil and corporate law matters, including support for all types of transactions, registration and restructuring of companies, disputes with clients and partners, as well as labor disputes.UK.

4.2Administrative matters

For corporate clients, we provide support in the conduct of administrative matters such as the protection of persons at all stages of administrative processes.

4.3Representation in court

 For regular customers, we offer representation in court in resolving any types of disputes at any stage of the trial.

4.4Registration of trademarks and patents

We provide assistance in registration of trademarks and patents in Estonia, as well as abroad (through partners).

4.5Assistance in issuing licenses and permits

We accompany and assist our clients in obtaining the licenses necessary for doing business in Estonia in certain industries.


In addition to full service and legal services in Estonia, we also offer our clients advice from experienced lawyers from different industries, always helping to find the optimal solution to any problems.

5. Secretarial services

5. Secretarial services

5.1Provision of legal address

The legal address (virtual office) in Estonia is a prerequisite for any local company, as well as for representative offices of foreign companies.

5.2Local representative services

If the place of residence of the director (member of the board) of the company is not Estonia, another country of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation (non-resident), then, according to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, a local representative is required. Our company also offers the service of a local representative.

5.3Communication with government agencies and financial institutions on behalf of clients

On behalf of our clients, we conduct communications with government, financial authorities and other institutions.

5.4Contact person services

We provide the service of a contact person with a telephone number, when making calls to which the secretary is represented on behalf of your company.

5.5Sending correspondence

Each company in the course of its activity receives correspondence, originals of primary documents, parcels, etc.

5.6Management of non-resident Estonian companies

The management of Estonian companies is carried out by the executive body in the form of the Board. Joint-stock companies other than the executive body (Management Board) must also have a Board (Board of Directors).

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